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Living Strategy - living_book.jpg Posted on 8 October 2010

Living Strategy

"If 'people are our greatest assets', it's time to make strategies that people can live in. Living Strategy is the book that puts human back into human capital." Lynda Gratton

"People are our most important asset." "We are a knowledge-based company." "All we have is our people." These are statements that we hear ever more frequently from more and more companies. Yet too many of the people who populate our companies, the reality of organizational life is that people do not feel they are treated as the most important assets and they do not feel their knowledge is understood or used.

The only route to improved performance is by placing your human resource at the center of your strategic decision-making. Living Strategy shows you why and how to design strategies that have meaning and purpose for people, without whose commitment they remain drawings on the board-room wall chart. It argues that a new management agenda is crucial and shares the three tenets of human organizational behavior. The six-step Living Strategy journey guides the reader through the implementation of a strategy that will not only grow your organization but also create a business of which you can be proud.

For corporate strategy to live and work, people have to understand strategy, and strategy makers have to understand people.

In this ground-breaking book, Lynda Gratton shares for the first time the "why" and "how" of putting people at the heart of corporate strategy. If companies want to increase their business performance, they need to recognize and develop the soul of the organization: they need a Living Strategy.

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