The Benefits of FoWlab

The FoWlab platform is an opportunity to engage employees in an informed, focused, realtime debate. Traditionally, organisations have called on their employees to voice their thoughts in surveys, focus groups, or intranet interaction, but these approaches are time-consuming, expensive, limited to predefined questions, and often lack actionable solutions.

FoWlab offers a powerful and creative alternative in providing a facilitated space for employees to experiment with ideas in an open and collaborative environment. Built on our experience of running online research communities, FoWlab runs on one of the most advanced jam platforms in the world.

Over the last three three years we have developed and perfect our own, state-of-the-art online community platform where people can be involved in engaging and creative conversations without losing the immediacy of a face to face meeting. Using FoWlab enables organisations to turn their employees into a wise crowd of innovators, collaborating to find agile solutions to sophisticated challenges, and sharing personal views on important issues.

We combine online discussion with deep analysis, with our global research team using advanced analytical software to generate reliable benchmarks from the qualitative data that emerges from FoWlab. By employing sentiment extraction technology, we can analyse the tone of thousands of conversations in realtime, measuring the general mood around key topics under discussion.

If you are interested in learning more about FoWlab bespoke jams, drop Tina an email.