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Posted on 26 May 2020

The Democratic Enterprise

Liberating your Business with Freedom, Flexibility and Commitment. Lynda Gratton

The Democratic Enterprise delivers the blueprint for a business built on choice and commitment. A business made fast through freedom and purposeful through meaning. This is a business people would choose to work for.

How can we change the way we manage and organise people to make the most of their talent and energy? The free to choose are fast to act for an enterprise they believe in, but they’re also the first to leave an organisation that fails them. In The Democratic Enterprise Lynda Gratton sets out a practical blueprint for designing smarter working relationships based on free choice and shared purpose – where autonomy, choice and trust breed speed, flexibility and commitment.

The Democratic Enterprise explores, from the perspective of the individual and the organization what it means to craft choice, and shows us how to use some of the basic principles of democracy to build organizations of which we can be proud. The book examines at eight companies which have pioneered choice and democracy, and shows:

How the oil giant BP has created transparent internal markets for jobs enabling every employee to develop a breadth and depth of competencies.

How McKinsey & Co. has brought an unprecedented level of transparency to the ways in which associates can choose the projects to work on.

How Sony have created a ground-breaking digital system by creating a context in which engineers have real freedom to create worthwhile and meaningful jobs.

How Unisys has enabled every employee to access an enormous range of training opportunities to ensure they are truly becoming ‘the best they can be’.

How Goldman Sachs builds choice around the development relationships which are so crucial to personal and organizational development.

How AstraZeneca has brought complete transparency to employee access to pay and benefits.

How BT has enabled many tens of thousands of employees to make locational choice, and finally how HP has built discretion around time.

Learn how each of these companies have pioneered the tenets of democracy and choice and by doing so have created strong, agile enterprises powered by employee engagement and collaboration.

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