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Posted on 15 Aug 2019

The Implications for Companies of Increased Longevity

Lynda Gratton’s book, 100-Year Life, has been mentioned in this article by Forbes, discussing the implications of increased longevity and the break-down of the traditional three-stage life. Read the full article here.

Posted on 15 Aug 2019

New Frontiers in Re-skilling and Upskilling

In the new world of work, we may not know for sure which jobs will be destroyed and what will be created, but one thing is clear: Everyone, whatever their age, will at some point have to spend time either re-skilling or upskilling. Read the full article here.

Posted on 14 Aug 2019

Making Paternity Leave Work

Imagine that you’ll live to 100 years — perhaps a little less, perhaps a little more. Those extra years will be a gift, offering more purposeful hours and more time to enjoy your life. So if you’re a parent, you’re left with the question: Why not spend some of that extra time with your kids […]

Posted on 28 Nov 2018

Lynda Gratton on multi-stage lives

In an interview in the Guardian, Lynda talks about a multi-stage life of continuous learning and flexible working. Read the article here.

Posted on 18 Aug 2018

Lynda Gratton ranked among LinkedIn Top Voices 2018

Lynda Gratton has been named as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2018 in the UK. The Top Voices list – now in its fourth year – celebrates influencers who have used the platform to get the professional world talking. Specifically, it looks at the UK members whose posts, articles, videos and comments are driving engaging […]