Leading Edge Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Organisations

As a human resources professional, you face new challenges as business strategies change.

The Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Organisations programme provides you with access to up-to-date thinking and research on subjects that enable you to affect change within your organisation.


This workshop-style programme brings together some of the world’s leaders on people in organisations, creating an exciting and stimulating learning environment. Led by Lynda Gratton, one of the world’s leading experts on human resource strategy, your learning journey begins with a pre-programme diagnostic questionnaire that helps you assess the current strengths and weaknesses of people practices in your organisation. As the five days progress, you work with a ‘learning diary’ and a ‘learning partner’ to develop a ‘Living Strategy’ – by thinking through the vision for your organisation, identifying the positive steps you have to take now to meet that vision, and crafting a journey of change.

Areas of Focus

This five-day programme offers a dynamic learning environment focusing on how effective human resources divisions can support and enhance an organisation’s business performance. Professor Lynda Gratton, the course leader, is a world-leading authority on HR strategy.

During the programme you’ll focus on five key areas:

  • creating a vision for your organisation using a ‘Living Strategy’
  • shaping and supporting high-energy, innovative organisations
  • the role culture and values play in building and supporting an organisation and its employees
  • how to maximise human resources using employee choice
  • how integrated human resources can be implemented to successfully manage  change.

As well as world-class teaching, coaching support and personal planning, you’ll benefit from:

  • specially designed case studies from leading organisations and Lynda Grattons’s groundbreaking work on ‘Hot Spots’
  • a pre-programme diagnostic questionnaire that helps you assess your organisation’s people and practices
  • a Learning Diary and a Learning Partner.

Further Information available from the London Business School, this programme is also run in Asia.

Leading Businesses into the Future

You are a senior executive, currently responsible for leading an organisation. In a world of endless change, how do you future-proof your organisation for sustained competitive advantage?

Leading Businesses into the Future is designed to ensure you have perspective and insight to gauge your organisation’s readiness for the future.

Discover the benefits of Leading Businesses into the Future from our leading faculty Lynda Gratton and Executive Fellow in Organisational Behaviour, Tammy Erickson.


Taught over five days, this intensive programme tests your assumptions in an inspiring environment where your thinking is challenged and stimulated through creative events, fascinating faculty and interacting with leaders like yourself.

On Leading Businesses into the Future you:

  • Explore the global, economic, regulatory and technological trends and issues affecting organisations and how you can prepare to meet these changing demands
  • Understand how your unique leadership style can be used to positively impact your organisation’s needs
  • Shape your organisational culture for innovation and change
  • Identify the role of leadership within your organisation and how to build a context and structure to engage and inspire your people

Areas of Focus

Refine your skills to build and lead a resilient organisation, ready to succeed in today’s complex environment.

Key benefits include:

  • Develop a personal action plan to future-proof your organisation for sustained competitive advantage
  • Participate in stimulating debates with specialist speakers and faculty who bring their own insights to the discussion
  • Understand how to confront old assumptions and to create opportunities for new ideas and ways of thinking to emerge
  • Network and share experiences with others facing similar challenges
  • Develop your personal leadership plan

Further Information available from the London Business School.